Monitoring Fees

Monitoring Fees

At Callistes Solicitors, we assist clients in relation to various motoring charges including careless driving, drunk/drug driving, speeding, and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Our primary role is to advise whether there is a viable defence and then, if there is no defence, to advance mitigation on behalf of the defendant at the hearing so as to minimise the penalty which the court imposes. In cases where the person already has penalty points on their driving licence and the imposition of further points takes him/her to/over 12 points, we also often advance exceptional hardship applications as to try and avoid the usual six month disqualification that comes with reaching 12 or more points.

Hourly rates for motor offence cases

Status Hourly rate
Principal Solicitor £350
Senior Solicitor £300
Solicitor/Legal Executive £250
Trainees £150
Paralegal £120

Typical legal fees for motoring offence cases

Based on the hourly rates above, our charges for dealing with motoring cases where the person pleads guilty and the case is dealt with at a single hearing will usually be £750–£1000 plus VAT.

Typically these charges include discussions with the client at a face to face meeting or via telephone call either of which usually lasts about an hour, providing advice as to plea and strategy, and attendance at the hearing to present mitigation and for totting cases presenting an exceptional hardship application. We generally conduct the hearing ourselves but in some cases we may have to use counsel. Counsel‘s fees are usually between £250-£500 plus VAT.

The usual things which are likely to increase legal costs over and above the £750–£1,000 plus VAT estimate are:

  • If there is more than one charge;
  • If the case is transferred to another court or the hearing is adjourned;
  • If there is unusual mitigation to put forward which necessitates the preparation/collation of documents for the court;
  • In totting cases, if there are complex matters to advance by way of an exceptional hardship application; and
  • If an appeal to a higher court is required.

We will always provide a client with an estimate based on the specific circumstances of each case and often agree a fixed fee at the outset.

Likely timescales for driving offence cases

In cases where the person pleads guilty and the case is dealt with at a single hearing the whole case is usually completed within three to four months from the date of the offence.

VAT & Disbursements

Our fees and some disbursements are subject to VAT at 20%. Disbursements are charges payable in addition to our fees, normally to a third party. They can include fees payable to the barristers or interpreters or experts. The amount charged for the disbursements depends upon a number of variables so we will be able to advise you of the correct charges when we have further information from you.

Legal Aid

We do not conduct Motoring matters on Legal Aid.